User-Centred Design, User Experience Vision and the Stepping into Time Project

…Focus on the the user and all else will follow” this is a quote from Google’s philosophical approach. It encapsulates the idea of putting the user at the heart of the software design process.  The reason, good user-centered design (UCD) enables system learnability, memorability, productivity and trust to name but a few.   In essence engaging the user throughout the design and development process will increase the likelihood that the tools developed are useful and usable and result in a positive user experience. For this reason user-centred design is an important component to the project.

The Stepping into Time project will adopt a user-centred design approach to help ensure that we develop a set of engaging useful and usable tools. There are many techniques that can be taken to embrace UCD and for the project we will define a user experience vision, a set of user stories based upon the vision and the develop wire frames and HTML prototype so the user group can explore an early interface mock-up  and we can review the user experience.

A user experience vision helps to focus development by enabling the project team to construct a mental model of the experience a user will have when using the tools we have designed. So here is my first go at the User Experience Vision for the Stepping into Time Project……

Stepping into Time user experience vision

Stepping into Time links together different types of data related to London during the Blitz, aimed at students and researchers (professional, academic or citizen researchers). Using the web and mobile tools we develop, you will be able to explore and discover where the bombs fell and the damage they caused, identifying the lasting impact upon the urban landscape, as well as uncover images and statistics for your local neighbourhood or area of interest. This project makes previously difficult to access archive content available online providing new interactive representations of the data for the first time.

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