The National Archives become official project partner

This is just a quick post to say that The National Archives have become an official partner of the Stepping Into Time Project: Mapping the Blitz in London.

Over the last months since the project started I have been working with Andrew Janes, Map archivist at The National Archives (TNA) to determine if they would like to be an official partner in the project. Andrew kindly helped me fill in the paper work and earlier this month the TNA executive approved their official involvement in the project.

This is great news. Thanks Andrew for all your support and enthusiasm for the project.


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3 Responses to The National Archives become official project partner

  1. intriguingnw says:

    Hi is this project nearing completion and as JISC-TNA joint funded what will be the outcomes and publicly accessible resources, assets etc and where will they be made available? Presume this is going to be for open access? My interests are in the field of open access and digital humanities just fyi.

    • The data that were are creating will be made available for Non-Commerical with attribution, use as part of a creative commons license. Watch this space for a blog post. We are also investigating making the source code available. Please note the project is solely JISC funded, The National Archives are a project partner.

      • intriguingnw says:

        Thanks for the reply, re Licensing good to hear, not sure what project partner means if solely JISC funded but either way time the general public can access directly, should not be the preserve of just academic community as indirectly funded by the tax payer not JISC! But your reply much appreciated, thank you!

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