Bomb Sight: Naming and Branding our Web and Mobile App

For the last two-three weeks we have been trying to find a suitable name and identity for the interactive website and mobile mapping app with Augmented Reality functionality. There are two key outputs from the project.

The four core members of the team  wrote a list of names that would encapsulate the essence of the applications that are being developed. We wanted a name and identity that would:

  • Communicate the main purpose of the apps – which is to enable users to browse information relating to the WW2 Bomb Census.
  • Not just focus on the data that we have currently but would work in the future, should we find funding to scan and capture data for other British Cities and the entire period of the war.

Yasia, the project designer, came up with a name that we all liked very much. I spoke to Andrew Janes, the TNA map archivist who is on our steering committee and he also preferred this name on the long list. As did a straw pole of students I tutor at the University of Portsmouth.

We selected the name Bomb Sight.

This name actually incorporates the name of the piece of equipment that was used within various WW2 aircraft to predict the path of a released bomb.

Bomb Sight Mobile App Logo

For our logo we have included a picture of a plane and a bomb – the instruments of destruction. We have two versions of the Logo – one for the app and one for the website.

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