Scale of interest and server issues

If you have had problems accessing the website or it is running very slowly – The sheer scale of public and media interest has had an impact on our server. We are doing our best to explore the issues but we are a very small team and it takes some time resolve the issues. This is my first research funded project and we are constantly learning.

I will post an update tomorrow but in the mean time if you want to have a look at our video about the website and the forthcoming app as it was in development check out this link.

Thanks for you interest in the project.

Kate and the Bomb Sight Team.


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12 Responses to Scale of interest and server issues

  1. Tf says:

    Please please expand this incredible data system to Plymouth and Coventry!

    Amazing website, and is something I have been wanting for ages to show the true scale of the blitz.

    Here’s a link to a song I produced about the blitz, for a small upcoming movie.

    Thanks for the hard work, brillliant site.

    • Thanks for your interest in the project. We would be interested in expanding the project to the other British and European cities (eg Koln, Dresden) that were bombed but will need more funding, so we are on the lookout. Watch this space. We have started this project in London because of the sheer volume of data.

  2. Martin McHugh says:

    Sounds very interesting.
    But…not possible to find in the Android Play store…?

  3. John Green says:

    Very interesting project that as yet doesn’t appear to be working! I was witness to several bomb sites including V1 and V2. I know precisely where they are but, your site doesn’t.

    John Green

  4. Gerald Diss says:

    There was an unexploded bomb which dropped through a house on the Southern side of the Eastern section of Clifden Road, Hackney, about halfway along. I saw the damage to the house as I went to school in Glyn Road. We lived with my grandparents at “Cromwell House”, 83 Clifden Road (the Western section), near the corner with Chatsworth Road.
    This may be the bomb you have listed as “near Dunlace Road”.

  5. Will says:

    Interesting project, but the accuracy of at least one of the supposed sites is definitely wrong with one more that my memory places differently. The location of one bomb in Hogarth Road is not where the map indicates the Earls Court End but much more towards Knaresborough Place. The last house destroyed was about 30 yds from the K’Place end

    • Thank you for your comment and interest in the site. We have used the original bomb census maps to locate the bombs. They are available to view on the website using the layers button. There is a description of the process that went behind how the data was collected and we are not claiming to have 100% accuracy on the location. Please have a look at the page on for more information

      we would like to add in the facility to enable users to update/ verify the data but require more funding to do this.

      • Will says:

        Thank you very much for your reply, was not implying any error on your part. A subject that needed doing and one that you have succeeded with.

        I find it strange that the original maps are that inaccurate, after all there were large holes where houses used to be. I suppose the accuracy is down to the individuals reporting, as presumably they did not have much time to verify the reports between raids.

        I hope you get the funding necessary for the enhancements to the project. It is certainly a well deserved success

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