Still experiencing server issues

I realise this may be frustrating that you may not be able to access the website. We are doing our best but the sheer volume of users is placing exceptional demand on our server. The project is a small academic project and were were not expecting the level of interest that has been shown in the project.

I would like to thank everyone who has shown an interest in the project and assure you that we are really trying are best with the resources available. Please try again later.

The Bomb Sight Team.

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11 Responses to Still experiencing server issues

  1. Thomas says:

    Great project. A tangible way of allowing the public to access history which is relevant to their locality. Huge numbers is a good sign…. Shame I haven’t had a chance to look yet.


  2. owen says:

    I have been trying to download the app as soon as I had read about it. I will be looking forward to using it,but it really sound very interrsting. Thank you in advance

    Kind regards


  3. Frank says:

    What a terrific project. Hope you’re able to extend this to other blitzed areas of the UK

  4. Jit says:

    I think you could say you’ve been blitzed!

  5. ariane says:

    Awww don’t worry! It’s to be expected if an item is featured on the BBC News web site that you will get loads of initial traffic. It’ll calm down in a short time and those who are genuinely interested, like meself! – will come back in a day or two! Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. James says:

    When will the app be available. My dad forght to keep the Luftwaffe out of London and all our other great city’s.
    Well done Kate and all who helped you.
    You are a poppy to be thankful for x

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Me and the team and immensely proud. We are hopping that the app will be out very soon. It is slightly delayed because the media intensity around the website has taken us by surprise and we have had to try and keep the website running under the sheer volume of interest.

      When the app is stable – we are nearly there. I will post a notice on the blog and we will provide links via the website.

  7. Marion says:

    Well done. Will there be any way to add memories to the site or idenitfy the date when a bomb fell – to check a memory? I think I have identified a bomb which was memorable to my family though fortunately there were no tragic outcomes. My grandparents lived in Ilford. My mother used to tell me that she remembered sitting under the dining room table in their front room during her 21st birthday celebration watching the window be blown in towards them because of a bomb, an event confirmed by my father who is still alive. I am pretty sure your map shows the parachute mine that must have been the culprit

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