A huge thank you

This week, the level of public engagement with the project and intensity of media interest knocked us off our feet. It was totally unexpected but there are some people who I owe a big thank you to:

Firstly to the team: 

Dan, Your efforts to keep us running on this week when Patrick was not available were incredible and beyond what is expected. It has been truly appreciated and I have a bottle of Champagne for you (which does not seem enough). looking forward to the mobile app.

Patrick – you built the website off an idea – Thanks for making it something tangible and useful.

Jasia – Your design ensured we have a usable and engaging website. This has certainly contributed to the level of public engagement we have been experiencing.

CloudFlare staff:

Justin, John  – what luck that you got in touch. The services of Cloudflare have enabled us to keep running the website whilst the level of public interest has been so high.

University of Portsmouth staff:

Kate – Thanks for all you support as press officer – I have been a bit like a deer in headlights and hopefully have managed to do the university proud.

Matt and Martin – thanks for quickly providing us with 2 more CPU’s for the server. It seems to have made a big difference

JISC staff:

Rebecca  and Paola – thanks for help with the official press release even though Twitter beat us to it.

JISC Panel – those who decided to fund the project – Thank you very much for seeing its potential.

The National Archives staff:

Laura, Andrew and Rose – Thanks for your support with the project. Sorry the TNA have been inundated with requests. I hope the coverage has been good for you.

The journalists and media outlets:

So many to thank both in this country and around the world. Thanks for seeing the potential in the project.

and last but not least to our users: 

The level of interest is phenomenal – many of you have been very patient and understanding with respect to accessing the website due to the volume of interest. Thanks. We hope you have found the web site useful – it has been designed as a tool for educational use to aid understanding about their local environment and how it has developed.

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4 Responses to A huge thank you

  1. Mr T. McElarney says:

    One major omission for the maps are the railways and canals which formed many of the principal targets and can explain many of the apparent random hits in apparently not commercial / strategic areas.
    Whilst I cannot verify the dates of the hits I can see a large number non recorded sites in the area that I grew up in, which I used to play on.

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  3. Rose Gibson says:

    It would be fantastic if the individual bomb pages allowed comments. There are an awful lot of Londoners in their 70s, 80s and 90s who have stories to tell, if there was somewhere to put them.

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