About the project

Mapping the Blitz Bomb Census: Stepping into Time brings World War 2 bomb damage maps into the digital world by using web and mobile mapping technology. It brings to life the maps that demarcate the location of falling bombs during the London Blitz between October 1940 and June 1941.

The project is funded by JISC and is led by Dr Kate Jones, University of Portsmouth and will be running between December 2011 and December 2012. During this time we will be taking digital copies of the London Bomb Census Maps  collated during WW2 and linking the locations of the bomb damage sites and mapping them using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).The mapped data will then be used to construct an interactive web-mapping application and  a mobile phone application that can be used as you walk around the streets of London.

This blog will be charting the progress of the project. I hope you enjoy following our progress!

4 Responses to About the project

  1. Gary Withers says:

    Hi, I heard Android Apps are very very easy to port to the BlackBerry 10 App system. The information on dropped bombs is of great interest to the UK construction industry and the UK industry uses a lot of BlackBerry devices. A BlackBerry 10 port of the App should be a sensible choice.

    • Many thanks for your suggestion but the The project Bomb Sight and the data/maps we have collected is for non-commercial academic, research and education use ONLY. It is prohibited to use the app for commercial purposes.

  2. Richard Hammond says:

    I think this is a great enterprise and wish you every luck with your task. I’ve been trying to research a raid carried out by the Italians on Enfield Town. They destroyed the Catholic Church and adjacent Convent.

    Best regards
    Richard Hammond

    • Have you checked the BC4 forms held in The National Archive relating to the Bomb Census. They record the size of the bomb, the exact address, and number of injuries/deaths. They might contain the information you require. Each report is hand written and because of the time it would take to transcribe each report we have not been able to include them. Again it is something we would like to consider if we can obtain future funding.

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