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Building the Android mobile prototype app for Bomb Sight

Since my last blog post giving a technical overview, the Android app has come along nicely and the second prototype is now being developed further into what will become the version of the app we release. Development of the prototype … Continue reading

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Progress update and preview of the website and mobile App

The last few weeks have seen considerable progress on the project. Amongst the many tasks that we have been working on we have selected a project name (see blog post: finding an application name), we have finished processing all of … Continue reading

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Technical overview of the Android mobile application

This blog post will walk through the overview of the technical architecture for the Stepping Into Time¬†Android mobile app and the process we went through to define it. Because of the nature and rapid speed of development of mobile technologies, … Continue reading

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Choosing an Augmented Reality library for Android

A key part of the mobile app for the Stepping Into Time project is the augmented reality (AR) feature, giving users a way of exploring the area around them in addition to using map views. This blog post summarises the … Continue reading

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