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Sharing my experience of setting up a sustainable technical development infrastructure compliant with university standards

This week I have been working towards obtaining a virtual server/virtual machine on which we can develop our tools. The aim is to have an infrastructure which will be technically and financially sustainable following the completion of the project and … Continue reading

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About the data we are using (part 2): The Bomb Maps

This post describe in more details the two different types of bomb maps that we will be using in our tools: Aggregate maps of nightly Bomb Drops during the period October 7th, 1940 to 6th June, 1941 (archive record: HO193/13) [35 Map Sheets] … Continue reading

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User-Centred Design, User Experience Vision and the Stepping into Time Project

“…Focus on the the user and all else will follow” this is a quote from Google’s philosophical approach. It encapsulates the idea of putting the user at the heart of the software design process.  The reason, good user-centered design (UCD) … Continue reading

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Ideas to help prevent manefestation of IPR issues

Historical maps are not exempt from copyright and their associated restrictions and working out IPR issues with an archive during the grant writing process will remove a number of unforeseen complications. My inexperience in this matter revealed an issue which … Continue reading

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Importance of Project Risk Identification… Unknown Unknowns (becoming Known Unknowns)

So whilst I have not blogged a lot this since the beginning of the project a lot of work has been going. This blog will attempt to be very frank in an effort to share the experiences as the lead … Continue reading

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