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Why did Bomb Sight go viral?

On Monday, the Bomb Sight team had a debrief and a very large cup of coffee each. We took the opportunity to discuss why we thought the project went viral with the help of different social media, our official press … Continue reading

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Developing Wireframes for Blitz Bomb Census Website

This post summarises the development of an initial wireframe for the Stepping Into Time project. The very first user described the wireframe as , “familiar and intuitive” and provided a few points for further consideration. The wire frame that has been developed is … Continue reading

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User-Centred Design, User Experience Vision and the Stepping into Time Project

“…Focus on the the user and all else will follow” this is a quote from Google’s philosophical approach. It encapsulates the idea of putting the user at the heart of the software design process.  The reason, good user-centered design (UCD) … Continue reading

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